Why Hello There

Welcome to my little shop, home of the original framed wire signs and planters. I'm so thrilled to have you stop by.

Ever since I was little, I've been crafting and creating, always on the lookout for my next amazing project. You know that kid in class who always went above and beyond for every single artistic assignment? Yup, that was me. In and out of class, my hands were fidgety little monsters, always itching to make something beautiful. 
Ultimately, those days of crafting turned into days in and out of a neuroscience lab, where my hands that once regularly created magical things were now relegated to running mice through endless assays. While prestigious, that life wasn't one where I necessarily found joy. After a lot of tears and soul-searching, I decided to quit grad school and pursue my childhood dream of being a full-time maker. And I haven't looked back since. 
At rust&glam, there is truly something here for every style of home. I strive to merge not only wire with wood, the hard with the soft; but also the rustic with the glamorous, the farmhouse with the industrial, the bohemian with the country. I aim to bring your meaningful words to life in a medium that truly represents the nature of handmade. Your words will literally be sculpted and framed by my hands, and trust me, my hands show the wear. I am thankful for all the support I've already received, and hope that my work can forever fill your hearts and homes with joy. 
If you need anything—anything at all—feel free to drop me a line.